Engaging Voters With Judicial Interviews

Judicial Candidates in the 2021 Election Cycle

On Tuesday, May 18th, Philadelphia Primary Election voters choose 8 candidates to serve on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, and 3 to serve on the Philadelphia Municipal Court. Listed below are candidates that are either actively running, or are rumored to be running in this election cycle. Use the available search fields to narrow your selection. You can click on individual candidates to learn more about them or download the full list of candidates displayed for your own use. http://www.phillyjudges.com/candidates

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts is partnering with C70 and other organizations around the state for forums with the candidates for Pennsylvania’s Superior and Commonwealth courts. (A Supreme Court forum took place last month. Watch it here.)

Gregory Weyer Judicial Candidate for Common Pleas and Municipal Court. He supports restorative justice!!
Jennifer Schultz Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 4, She supports #RestorativeJustice
Henry Sias Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 21, He supports #RestorativeJustice
Sherman Toppin Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 26, He Support #RestorativeJustice
Kendra McCrae Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 16, She Supports Restorative Justice
James Berardineli Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 25, He Supports Restorative Justice
Gregory Weyer Candidate for Court of Common Pleas Button 28, He Support Restorative Justice

Superior Court Candidates

Beth Tarasi Candidate For Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Judicial Candidates Forums

Pennsylvania Court Reform

Matt Olesh and Terry Sachs, Chair of the Philly Bar Judicial Commission, will be joining us on behalf of the Philadelphia Bar Association Judicial Commission. They will walk us through the work the commission does, their process for rating judicial candidates on your ballot, along with answering any questions you may have regarding their work.
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