Judicial Conduct Review For Judge Genece Brinkley

Judge Genece Brinkley is bringing much needed attention to the unjust actions so many people have to face when trapped in the justice system. We the public put our trust into the judicial system to practice the law without bias. Our expectations is that the courts would be govern by mature individuals who would be able to understand the many icebergs that will stand before them and view their case with a plan to guide the troubled individuals into a more productive lifestyle. Jail does not always have to be the answer.

In the case of Judge Brinkley we should research her from birth to present. We really should get a record of her judgments and see what patterns are reflected in her rulings. How are judges compensated? What incentives are they offered? After viewing Free Meek i learned of the various violations Judge Brinkley committed during his case. Worst part is that Judge Brinkley refused to adhere to the recommendations of the district attorneys office or Meeks probation officer. Meek did everything he was suppose to do and Judge Brinkley refused to remove her grips from him. #UncheckedPowerWillBecomeCorrupt Robert Williams aka Meek Mill then had to get a recusal of Judge Brinkley from the superior court before he was able to get the grips of the unjust system out of his life. 

The court rooms are public spaces govern with code of conduct. We the people can submit complaints about corrupt judges to the board of conduct review to have corrupt judges removed from our court rooms. Please take the time to fill the form out concerning Judge Brinkley and any other judge you may have been wronged. Please let me know about your experience with bad judges. Im looking to create score cards for every judge in Pennsylvania, so we know who is on our bench. 

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