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Women Fighting Covid19 Inside and Out

Fri, Jun 26, 4:42 PM (8 days ago)
Lydia Alvarez sits on her bunk bed (c) CCWP 
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Dear Friend,

Prisons do more than just isolate our families from us and our communities. Prisons obscure. They violently blur and falter the lines of communication and connection to our families. Prisons make it immensely difficult to promote the wellness of our loved ones – this is  more critical than ever as COVID-19 rages. At Prison Radio, we applaud the community-led efforts to keep incarcerated women safe. 

The California Coalition for Women Prisoners highlight the interlocking impacts that COVID, misogyny, and the prison industrial complex have on women and their families. For weeks, they’ve been conducting online workshops and phone zaps to demand a prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the Central California Women’s Facility & California Institution for Women through better safety measures and mass releases.

Like Prison Radio, CCWP brings the voices of our most vulnerable into the public debate. They’ve recently published the diary entries of incarcerated women in the age of this pandemic, urging us to bear witness and utilize our powers to work towards a world that better protects women and mothers incarcerated. 

This world is much closer than we’d think. It is actualizing itself, through each act of resistance on the inside and outside. Over 200 people in the Mesa Verde Detention Center in Bakersfield waged a hunger strike for two weeks and won release for a number of prisoners this past week by exposing the fact that the administration could not effectively prevent the spread of COVID inside.
 a black and white photo of two young women walking away with their arms interlocked. Their matching hoodies read: “my ancestors got my back.”
(c) Young Women’s Freedom Center
The Young Women’s Freedom Center is also actively taking part in the effort to support incarcerated women in the age of COVID-19. YWFC recently launched #SafeHealthyFree, a campaign dedicated to making sure Bay Area mayors and government officials take immediate action to support young people most at risk during the COVID-19 crisis in ways that center them in the fullest extent possible. Read the full campaign here

May we forever be inspired and moved by our families on the inside who continue resisting and agitating their oppressors, all while letting them lead the way to our collective safety and freedom.  When We Fight, We Win! 
Angeline Etienne,
Staff Member Prison Radio 
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The Other Women’s Movement (2:56)
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Your Non-Violent Protest Is Not My Civil Resistance (2:24)

The Realities of Coronavirus in Prison (4:44)
Dennis McKeithan

 Nancy Pelosi and Racial Justice Bill (2:28)

I Can’t Breathe (2:50)
Sergio Hyland

Remembering Delbert Africa (4:27)
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Say Our Names (2:35)
Reginald Sinclair Lewis

I Can’t Breathe (We Are All George Floyd) (3:45)
Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Hi-Tech Lynching (1:56)
Omar Askia Ali

Toppling White Supremacy (2:41)
Sergio Hyland

How Do You Fight an Unjust Racist System? (6:19)
Dontie Mitchell

Take Action! 

Beyond Prisons is asking for volunteers to help with translation and writing call scripts. Email them at for more information.

With our country is still mourning the loss of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Angela Davis’ question of whether prisons are obsolete is more important than ever. This is a database filled with contacts and scripts to put pressure on state governments nationwide into divesting from law enforcement. The document is updated frequently with the latest coordinated phone zaps and up-to-date information.

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