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Juvenile Dependency Defense Lawyers in Southern California

Vincent W. Davis - Juvenile Dependency Defense Lawyers
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“Juvenile Dependency Defense Lawyers” are EXACTLY the type of lawyer you need when Los Angeles DCFS social workers, or social workers from any Child Protective Services (CPS) agency are investigating you, are trying to take your kids, or have already removed your kids.

Any mom or dad would agree that there is nothing more valuable than one’s children. The fear of losing a child to a DCFS CPS social worker is the worst possible fear. More crippling than “fear” is coming home from work or the market to find your child not home and a form on the door informing you a social worker went to your child’s school and stealthily took your child.

Vincent W. Davis Has Financing Options Available

Taking your kids based upon an anonymous caller’s complaint is commonplace. An ex-spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, a neighbor with a grudge — ANYONE — can make an anonymous phone call to a DCFS CPS hotline. One common accusation is witnessing a parent or guardian spanking a child which is considered ‘inappropriate discipline’ by most social workers. Another regular accusation is that smoking marijuana was observed around the child, or in the child’s home. ‘Drug use’ equates to an unfit parent.

If you are here reading this, the details are not critical. What you do immediately is critical! If you are wrongly accused, you’re still at risk of having your kids removed from your care. If you’re being investigated unfairly, and think you have nothing to worry about, you are SO WRONG. You must consult with Juvenile Dependency defense lawyers immediately. Read what happens to people just like you, who did nothing wrong, in our radio show caller transcripts HERE.

Even if you did spank your child or did smoke pot, should your children be physically removed from you by “the State?” Unfortunately for parent’s rights, DCFS social workers have the power of government behind them – as do police officers. Many social workers have personal agendas that are not friendly to moms and dads. Many social workers take drastic, life-altering actions without having any verifiable evidence. Their rationalization is analogous to that famous saying: “It’s better to ask forgiveness, then ask permission.” A social worker may decide that the severity of anonymous caller’s accusation gives them permission to go to your children’s school and take your children.

Don't get caught up

Once your children are swept up by DCFS CPS social workers, you will be endlessly entwined in a bureaucracy of red tape that no one should every have to navigate. Moms, dads, grandparents, and even ‘regular lawyers’ are not equipped to deal with the complexities of the awful Juvenile Dependency system. Be PROACTIVE… Inquire with Juvenile Dependency defense lawyers ASAP. If you can get ahead of a DCFS investigation to where your kids are not removed, you could save years of frustrations and emotional pain for you and your child! We kid you not… We have clients who haven’t had their children returned to them for a year over unsubstantiated, anonymous, accusations. When you look up RED TAPE in the dictionary there should be a picture of a Juvenile Dependency Court.

If you are EVER contacted by DCFS or CPS and you have a hint that they are investigating you, it is critical that you talk your case through with experienced Juvenile Dependency defense lawyers. CALL US (888) 888-6582. Immediately. Open late till 7 PM and Saturdays. Unfortunately, things that you might do NOW, during, or following your first encounter with a DCFS CPS social worker, can set the wheels in motion for them to swoop in and turn your world upside down. Upside down in agonizing ways you can’t imagine. READ RADIO CALLER TRANSCRIPTSJuvenile Dependency Law

“This is probably the only area of law where a parent or guardian will be facing a small platoon of civil service employees and others attempting to take their children away from them.”
—Vincent W. Davis

Juvenile Dependency Courts are Unique

You will find Vincent W. Davis, and many of his associate Juvenile Dependency defense lawyers, defending parents every court day in Juvenile Dependency Courts throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. These Juvenile Dependency courts are unlike ‘regular courts” that regular people –or regular lawyers– ever set foot in! These are special courts, with special rules, that require special lawyers with at least a decade’s experience just to know how they work!

Every so often, we will witness, an otherwise experienced ‘regular family lawyer’ with the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ expression, shaking their heads, obviously baffled by what just happened to them and their client in a ‘strange’ court hearing. These ‘regular lawyers’ assumed all California courts work the same. They do not!

Vincent W. Davis is THE Expert Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

Vincent Davis helps families. If your child has been removed from your home and has been placed in foster care by Child Protective Services (CPS) or Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), because you have been accused of child abuse, neglect, drug use, etc., we may be able to help your family reunite. If you want to get custody of a grandchild or other family member who is currently placed in foster care we are here for you as well.

Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court

There is no one more passionate and involved in Juvenile Dependency cases in Southern California than Vincent W. Davis. Vincent, like many other lawyers, had no idea there was such a thing as a Dependency Court where the fate of kids and their parents or guardians were exclusively battled-over every day – until one day 20-some years ago. At that time, Vincent Davis was a young lawyer working for a big firm, and out of curiosity took a sick day and went to a Juvenile Dependency Court and sat there mesmerized for the entire day.

Vincent witnessed parents, grandparents, and even foster parents who were emotionally crippled by the processes that had befallen them. He also couldn’t help but see that some of the lawyers representing the parents seemed a bit “lost” and out of their element as if this court room were different than any other they had ever stepped foot in. In fact, Juvenile Dependency Court is unlike any other traditional court! These special courts have procedures and processes a bit alien to any other court: so much so that many courts insist that lawyers who want to represent parents sign a “Certificate of Competency” document stating that they have Juvenile Dependency Court experience such as required in Ventura County Juvenile Dependency Court.

Vincent was hooked -he found his “calling!” There was no looking back! He decided right then and there to become an expert in Juvenile Dependency law, so he could stand beside these grieving parents, grandparents, foster parents and other caregivers whose families had been torn apart by many of the people pointing fingers at them in that courtroom. Where there might be one or two parents — often like deer in the headlights — the county usually had several, cool, calm, well-dressed, credentialed, court-recognized professionals lined up against them. The teeter-totter was not balanced.

Facing an Emergency DCFS CPS Dependency Hearing?

If you have an emergency dependency hearing with Child Protective Services (CPS) or Los Angeles DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services), attorney Vincent W. Davis will prepare the necessary legal paperwork and be ready to help you on very short notice. Remember, there are very strict time limits that you must meet to take advantage of all legal opportunities for regaining custody of your child/children. Call Vincent immediately.

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