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Rescue For Lost Boys

This Brother was walking home from Einstein. I asked him what can i do to help him get where he was going? He got in the car, shared his address and said no one can help him now……….. i told him im well connected and gave him my number, wish i would of had these resources then. Gonna share a flier at his residents with hopes he gets the flier and help!! #LetsTalk #StigmaFree #RescueLostBoyz #RescueLostBoys #TheBoyCrisis #TheMaskYouLiveIn #MentorsMatter #HumanityRising

Weekly Online Support Groups for Men Who
Were Sexually Abused or Assaulted

Confidential, Anonymous, and Facilitated by a Counselor

Free and anonymous chat-based support groups for male survivors of sexual abuse or assault who are seeking a community of support. Each group meets weekly and is facilitated by a counselor. Scroll down to learn more and join a group.


  • Monday | 7—8:30pm EDT
  • Tuesday | 7—8:30pm EDT
  • Wednesday | 8—9:30pm EDT
  • Thursday | 7—8:30pm EDT
  • Friday | 12—1:30pm EDT


Our online support groups offer support to men in their journeys of trauma recovery, with a focus on education and mutual support.

Each support group functions just like a chat room: choose an anonymous display name, enter the group, and start typing. There’s no audio or video, and no personal information is collected. A counselor is present to facilitate each session.> READ MORE

Each group opens 10 minutes prior to its start time and reaches capacity at 10 participants. The entry point (below) closes no later than 30 minutes after the beginning of each session. By clicking “join support group” below, you are agreeing to the terms of service and privacy policy.

See Weekly Schedule

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and identify as a man who has had an unwanted sexual experience.
  • These groups are not intended to provide an experience that would replace regular therapy.

Lisa Ling was able to do a story on safe male mentors retreat and their great work on

CNN. You can view her story her:

You can reach out to the brothers featured as mentors in Lisa Ling CNN coverage:

Mark Schillinger – mark@markschillinger.com

Brad Leslie — –

Ipswa Mescacakanis: –

Michael Boyle: michaelboyle1@mac.com

Lion Goodman:,
More Resources for Lost Boyzs
Man Making by Earl Hipp

The Boy Crisis, with  Dr. Warren Farrell and Dr. John Gray:  Warren Farrell’s TEDx talk:

The Mask You Live In, a film about young men by The Representation Project: (Trailer)

EMentoring Apps

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