Prison gerrymandering is violating our Pa. constitution protections for census allocations and fair representation.Prison gerrymandering occurs when prisons are built in rural areas to inflate that communities population for political redistricting and federal allocations based on the census count. According to our Pennsylvania constitution it is unlawful to count incarcerated people for these census allocations. Unlawful because inmates are counted for the use of roads, hospitals, playgrounds, schools and libraries they have no access to. Unlawful because the elected officials in these districts never hear the concerns of the inmates. This defeats one person one vote because inmates are counted for the vote but are banned from voting. The Census Optional Data Product would allow Pennsylvania to place the census representations and allocations  in the home community of the inmates so that there are resources and voting power in their community when they return home. Gov. Tom Wolf and A.G. Josh Shapiro can apply for and implement the Census Optional Data Product, restoring democracy, by stopping this illegal manipulation of our votes and federal resources. Please sign and share #EndPrisonGerrymanderingPa petition at http://chng.it/QDybDbhCFs



#PaVoterCourtWatch #WestPhillyVotingBloc #ToniCadeBambaraFilmandCultureClub hosted a conversation to inform our communities about the illegal practice of prison gerrymandering. We will have follow up meetings to address the concerns. #FairDistrictPa #CommonCausePa #EndPrisonGerrymanderingPa #CensusMatter #Intersectional #MakeEveryVoteCount


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