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Prison Health News

Herbs that might grow in the prison yard that could help with COVID-19 symptoms

The Prisoner’s Herbal, a book by formerly incarcerated herbalist Nicole Rose, 

-Marshmallow leaves and Plantain would be a really good tea at this moment for respiratory symptoms, or just keeping the respiratory system healthy before any symptoms. 
-Yarrow would be a primary herb for fevers – it helps the body open the pores and let the fever out. Taken as a hot tea when in the chills stage of a fever, and taken as a lukewarm tea when the person is burning hot. It’s important to keep the person warm during a fever, and for a few days afterwards. 
-Self-heal and Chickweed help the body generally prevent sickness by cleaning the lymphatic system, one of our channels to clear out waste from the immune system. Taken as tea would be best. 
[All this language is from Kelly McCarthy. Look for how to find these plants in Prisoner’s Herbal book]
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