SCORE Philadelphia offering support for small business start ups!!

Quality News and Information

Equally Informed Philly

The Equal Info Line: a free, personalized bilingual (English and Spanish) question and answer texting service that also provides vetted local news and resources to subscribers. Text them questions about living in Philly and real humans will do the research and answer them for you. This is an initiative of Resolve Philly!! text your questions to 73224

Info Hub Captain

Resolve Philly is looking to hire community members to be info hub captains who write stories about their communities and distribute the community newsletter. $300 for more information contact

Free and Low Cost Digital Literacy and Technology

Now offering virtual and in person digital literacy training!! Are you interested in learning basic computer skills? We have you covered!! Would you like to learn about Microsoft office? We have the entire suite and look forward to introducing you and your family members, you can invite your friends also!! How about internet safety? yup we have that covered also!! Best part this is all for free!! Yup Free digital literacy skills that help you navigate in the Information Age!! Want to connect to free refurbished laptops and computers? We have you covered!! How about free to low cost internet? yup got that covered also!! #SocialJusticeStopsTheViolenceBridgingTheDigitalDivide #hov1and2stronger #GoodMorningGorgeous #PaVoterCourtWatch

If you are in the Philadelphia Pa. area and would like to get a free refurbished computer please complete this form!!
For a free T-Mobile MiFi device/Hotspot, (you don’t have to have an address) please contact:

Dial 2-1-1 to talk to a resource navigator, for language services please press 8. 1.800.846.8376

Beyond Literacy 215.426.7940

ExCite Center at Drexel University 267.217.3508

SEAMAAC 215.867.9732

if you are interested in free IT and Cybersecurity training please visit for more information!!

Temple University has a new library with a computer lab open to the community. You need to stop by the One Stop Assistance Desk in Charles Library and apply for their Community Computer library card to gain access to the computers and other resources like free print and scans!! is part of Temple University Institute on Disabilities and offer support for various lifestyles.

Philly Community Wireless is looking to make your community a free wi-fi hotspot, to learn more please visit

TLC has funding to provide FREE customized training or technical assistance on digital inclusion topics to organizations and community groups. Some examples of this work include: helping an organization to develop the curriculum for a specific digital literacy class, reviewing an organization’s current digital literacy programming to recommend improvements, or helping an organization develop the plan and expertise to support their client’s digital access needs. For more information, email

National Digital Inclusion


Free Fun Family Digital Literacy with Unplugged activities. Thanks to community partner Readby4th we are able to share fun family literacy activities in our communities and homes. Hosting a family event, please invite us!! aliciadorsey2@aliciadorsey2

Gun Violence Resources

Have you been affected by gun violence? Get help at

Family Literacy


Neural Knitworks Philly Introducing Brain Anatomy in 5 Minutes!! Promoting self-care for our mental health while tying in the information Age of digital literacy and technology!! creative commons
Do you have youth grades 5-12? Great opportunity to introduce the science of food and the impacts to our development!! #eClose
Are you curious about helping yourself or others with research to cures for something affecting you, your family or community? Here’s your chance to lead research on your concerns and help find a cure!! #SocialJusticeStopsTheViolence #hov1and2stronger #eCloseTrainAtHome
Get paid to be a legal drug dealer and get off of front street!! #HelaPles
So happy to share right now resources that enhance lives right now!! Get paid to learn how to code while in high school!! #SteppingStone
Introduce your middle school student to a paid opportunity to learn computer science!! #SteppingStone

 Philadelphia Auto and Parole, Inc. 

Philadelphia Auto and Parole offering 6 week training of mechanical safety and tool proficiency with internships.
Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in settings like repair shops. With the PAPR program at an affordable price.6 Week Classroom training of mechanical safety and tool proficiency.12 Weeks of Hands-on Training2 Weeks of internship with partnering agencies.

Movement For Family Power

Movement for Family Power works to end the Foster System’s policing and punishment of families and to create a world where the dignity and integrity of all families is valued and supported. #endcpsfraud #remakingmotherhood #thebluedotproject #movementforfamilypower

Learn to make your own face mask!! #SewFaceMasksPhiladelphia



PMC Listens™ Helpline, reachable at (267) 834-5256 is a dedicated voice mail box, where callers can request information about court processes and procedures as well as report any barriers they may feel are impeding their participation.  A guaranteed response will be delivered within 24 hours, providing personalized assistance by a team of trained volunteer law students, lawyers, and other interested community members. These volunteers will not provide legal advice and will refer callers to other resources, when necessary.

As PMC looks to the next 30 years, it will take all of us to build a more just, more engaged citizenry and stronger judiciary. 




Making it easier to learn about who is running for judge.

Every two years (on the odd number year) Pennsylvania voters are asked to fill judicial vancancies from local courts all the way up to the state supreme court at the ballot box. Most voters show up at the polls on Election Day and have no idea who is running for judge. This website provides a tool for voters to understand who is running, and who they should choose to serve them on the bench.

Pa. Courts

The Supreme Court is aided by select boards, committees, commissions and councils consisting of more than 180 appointed volunteers — most, but not all, are lawyers and judges.

The panels have a wide range of responsibilities and functions. Some make recommendations to the court for amendments, revisions or simplification of court procedural rules. Others regulate the practice of law, oversee continuing legal education for lawyers and administer funds to assist individuals unable to pay for legal services. Still others advise on keeping the courts free of bias and discrimination and on long-range planning.

How to Get Involved

The Supreme Court welcomes interest from members of the public in serving on its advisory boards and independent agencies within the judiciary. The Supreme Court is committed to ensuring diversity in its appointments. While most positions require legal training and experience, there are positions designated for non-attorneys as well. For attorney positions, the Court ordinarily considers applicants with at least seven years of relevant experience. Available positions are featured in the chart below and are updated at the beginning of each month as vacancies occur. The number of vacancies per year varies, but usually there are about 20. Mid-term vacancies will be posted. Click on the committee, board or commission to learn more about it.


Philadelphia Judicial Telephone Directory

Human Rights Coalition

The Prison Society

Up Against The Law Legal Collective

Pardons Hub

Need assistance with a pardon? Wayne Jacobs, Co-Founder and Executive Director of X-Offenders for Community Empowerment is hosting a workshop to get you started with the pardon application. Mr. Jacobs hosts his clinic at 2227 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 every 2nd Monday from 6-7pm. For more details, please call 215-668-8477 or email

Participatory Defense Hubs

Participatory defense hubs utilize trained community volunteers to provide insight, perspective, and support to those being charged and their families as they navigate the justice system.

Trained volunteers and facilitators give participants a deeper understanding of the justice process, what is expected from them at each stage, and suggestions to help them prepare for meetings with their attorney, court dates, and other steps of the process.


Philadelphia’s participatory defense hubs use a process-oriented model to prepare and empower people navigating the criminal justice system and offer community support to help clients achieve just outcomes. In 2018, the city’s first three participatory defense hubs began hosting weekly meetings. The hubs help clients achieve better outcomes in coordination with attorneys and informed, engaged volunteers.Participatory defense received national acclaim in 2018. Raj Jayadev, creator of program who currently works with the Defender Association as a Stoneleigh fellow, received a MacArthur Genius fellowship to expand participatory defense to cities across the nation. Jayadev believes Philadelphia’s efforts to create a community of hubs will serve as a national model.

The work of Philly’s participatory defense hubs is supported by the Malinda R. Farrow Fund of the Philadelphia Foundationand the
R.K. Mellon Family Foundation.For information on how you or your organization can support this important work,
contact Kavita Goyal:


Participatory Defense Hub Locations

The participatory defense hub movement is growing! There are currently seven active hubs across the city, with an eigth expected to start up in early 2020. Contact any of the locations below for more information. 

Best Outcomes HubTuesdays: 5:30-8:00 PMMothers in Charge
520 Delaware Ave #302
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Info: (215) 228-1718

South Philly HubMondays: 6:30 – 8:30 PMCircle of Hope Church
2212 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Info: (484)

West Philly HubThursdays: 6:00 – 8:00 PMKingsessing Recreation Center
4901 Kingsessing Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Info: (267) 766-0097

Germantown HubWednesdays: 3:00-5:00 PMJanes Memorial United Methodist Church
47 East Haines Street
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (267) 277-3117 

Youth HubTuesdays: 4:30-6:30 PMYouth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP)
924 Cherry St, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (267) 571-9277

North Philly HubThursdays: 6:00-8:00 PMZion Baptist Church
3600 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (267) 422-4480; or
(267) 238-3884

Kensington HubMondays: 6:00-7:30 PMEsperanza Health Center
861 E. Allegheny #200
Info: (267) 279-9373

*Coming Soon in 2020!*
West Philly Shepard-Haddington HubTuesdays: 6:00-8:00p.m.
Shepard Recreation Center
5700 Haverford Avenue
Info: (215) 789-0335

Want a printable list of Philly’s Participatory Defense Hub locations?


Pennsylvania Unified Judicial Courts

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