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Spoken Word with Eboni Ferguson

“An artist should reflect the times” Nina Simone.

        Right now, our world is changing more than ever. With a pandemic and one of the most prominent civil rights movements, were living through a uniquely distinctive time.  We all have an opinion on what’s going on and how it should be handled. The things that are happening are very thought-provoking and brings up a lot of emotional feelings from people of all different races and social class. Who would ever think we could live in a world where family members could pass away and couldn’t even have a funeral? Or that we would be protesting worldwide for George Floyd, a man no one knew? 2020 has been like a movie, and as an artist, I’m sure you have something to say! This workshop will focus on writing spoken-word poetry on whats going on with the pandemic and protesting. The world is our prompt. We will use raw material to evoke passionate poetry about whats going on in our world right now. This is a digital course, once you’ve registered, you will receive a link and password to the online course.

Cost: $20 Suggested Donation

(pay what you can)

Spoken Word with Eboni Ferguson Video Access Registration!September 19th Q&A and Reading Zoom with Eboni Registration!

The Instructor

Eboni Ferguson is a creative writer who writes about the struggles of women in a misogynistic world from the view of a new age womanist. Ferguson knows her views are unorthodox and a contradiction to some, but she paints with a color the world doesn’t know. Her unique perspectives on the struggles of women reflect her passion for life and liberated mind. She conveys her beliefs through poetry, photography, essays, theatre, and spoken word.  
She is the author of Urban Chronicles of the Ghetto written to breathe life into the realities of urban society. In dedication to her cousin Shaheed Zair Jackson David, a young Philadelphia male who fell victim to the senseless violence all too familiar to an inner-city resident. Urban Chronicles explores the impoverished youth’s inner voice. Concerning the conflicts of murder, education, poverty, and promiscuity.

         She is also the creator of flow wit it, an open mic that had some fantastic poetry artists such as Black Ice. She was a finalist on drop the mic three times. She is also a playwright for ABE.. She is currently working on her new book; Eve’ s Cloth, a poetry book that will also be adapted into a play. And three short films. She’s not a stranger to hard work, and she’s dedicated to everything she does. 

There is no age limit for painting and all the materials are delivered to your front door

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