Pa Voter Court Watch 2022 Focus

Court Prevention

The covid – 19 court nightmares emphasized the need to connect more families and community members to court prevention resources and support services. The Philadelphia Participatory Defense Hubs have been doing great work supporting people with court support, if you have pending court concerns please connect with a Participatory Defense hub near you.

Slowly as a society, we have been transforming with smartphones, youtube, esports, and cryptocurrency. Covid shut downs highlighted the Information Age transformations taking place without so many. Free digital literacy and technology have become available to help fill the needs of people from various demographics. Exposing the opportunities is part of Pa Voter Court Watch, court prevention goal!!

Northstar is a virtual free digital literacy platform that we have the honor of hosting. With Northstar we are able to introduce people to basic computer competency, Microsoft office suites with certifications as well as internet safety.
LaunchCode is a virtual free coding platform,
based in St. Louis Missouri
offering classes with support in several cities
. is another great resource for learning to code at your own pace and get certification. You don’t get the one on one support like LaunchCode. But you will get quality learning at your own pace exposure and may connect with other like-minded people willing to help you on your programming journey.
 Universities and colleges are joining the edX partner consortium
and committing to contribute affordable,
high-quality learning to the edX platform.
This means even more courses and credentials,
in the subject areas you care about,
from the top education institutions
Free child friendly, all are welcomed to learn block coding.
Free Learn at your pace computer programming for all ages!!
Supporting your digital development
with $10/hr digital literacy and technology tutoring,
virtual or in person 215.381.7350

We are building a Village around STEAM resources in Philadelphia, please consider joining us!!

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective is looking for adults for its 2022-23 Village Advisory Council (VAC). Since it “takes a village,” we are calling on parents, guardians, caregivers, mentors, coaches, teachers, neighbors, and other adults invested in positive youth development to apply for the council.

Members of the Village Advisory Council will help the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective guide strategy, reflection, community engagement, outreach, accessibility, and advocacy. Each council member will join one of the Collective’s Workgroups ( Home & Community, K-12 Education, Post-Secondary Education, and Work Environment) and support the development of their goals
YOUR voice is crucial for the success of this initiative. We expect our committee to be a diverse group of adults representative of the Philadelphia region who champion our goal to increase the number of Black, Latinx and women Philadelphia students entering STEM careers by 2030.

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