Wow life has really taking a sudden halt for most of us worldwide. We are having to adjust to voluntarily confining ourselves to stop the spread of covid19 a deadly virus our healthcare professionals are working on a cure for. i drive uber and get to talk to people about their experience, some feel surreal as if scenes from the movie screen are coming true. Through facemask we talk about having allergies, asthma and other resipatory conditions that make us vulnerable to covid19 and how we wish more would take this pandemic more serious.

We discuss our loves ones trapped in a system fueled by confusion of who we are as purpose filled people. Ending the dehumanizing jail/prison, child welfare/family separation mentality conversation is front in center showing how compassionate these systems are not. When you think of a jail or prison cell what do you envision? Group homes for child placement is full of horror stories. The consciousness of a society can be seen by the use of social services, jails and prisons. How conscious are you about how we treat families and individuals in these systems? We as a society should start paying attention now more than ever with this pandemic possibly breeding in the tight fitted closed and purposely improperly ventilated facilities. Cough, sneeze touch your face and possibly contract covid19 is haunting us all.

We are coming together to fill the medical face mask shortage for our healthcare professionals, essential workers and our families. As prison abolistionist we asked for compassion towards how we treat people trapped in various systems also very vulnerable to covid19.

We have learned to cope with trauma on so many levels. This pandemic is just adding another layer to be examined in our trauma. i look to connect with people who also understand that we live in a careless society and want to be the difference we are looking to see in our society. Advocating for systemwide change takes the willingness of concerned people. i joined http://www.homeforgoodcoalition.com because an advocacy friend suggested i speak on their podcast about politics in our systems. After being part of the podcast with Rita S. Fierro, Ph.D, we discussed Home For Good Coalition platform and how i could contribute. What HFGC offers is a platform we all can join to transform trauma systems into compassion systems offering resources and support that prevent family break down.

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